Monday, July 17, 2006

*{` Last post here... `}*

I will b located @ this webby, which i think & hopefully will let me blog more frequent.. haha

i will stil visit here... see got pple tag me or not :P

take care


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Friday, June 02, 2006

*{` Totally Didn't noe tat i... `}*

didn't blog for close to 1/2 a month ler... lol :P sigh, dunno y, no mood to blog, some more i just reformatted my C: cos could not load it tat time, suspected kana virus... anyway now its up ler, but i booking in tonite, so i guess i give a full blog tomolo ok?

a preview of a park i visited last week with my organisation

take care


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Saturday, May 13, 2006

*{` Finally... `}*

Noodles! :)

This is from the box, big bowl hor? It actually increased in price ler... abt $2 :/ But i think its worth it..

The things inside it, the green colour is the MSG, red is chilli, silver is 'cong' and the orange is the meat, with the bowl holding the noodles (obviously)

The 'cong'... I didn't put any in cos i hate it big time! :)

I put a bit of chilli & the MSG is in the back ground, wat is unique is with the meat, look at it sealed inside this bag and all is pour into the noodles.

B4 water is add inside...

Presto, the end product :) Not say very yummy, but as far as i'm concern, Singapore don't hav this type of noodles now. Correct me if i'm wrong lor :) U can also add an egg inside for more ingredients :)

Just back from NDP rehersals, quite tired but fun. Looks like I can meet my target of losing 10kg by Aug :)

Got a scared yesterday nite though, thought i contacted sore eyes from camp, but Cheng's eye mo helped me... I will buy him 1 back

K la, go out buy dinner le :) Take care


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Friday, May 12, 2006

*{` Wow `}*

Didn't noe i can cover so much within 2 days sia, met up with old frens & settle other stuffs...

Wed- My 1st day of off, met up with shona @ lot 1 for lunch. Super long time nv c her le, but she's still looking great, last semester into her NUS studies. Think she looks settled down ler :) Heard from her pauline (from her class) is married with a 4 mth old child! My god... but as i expected, its a SG marriage... lol :P

I went to west mall while she heads to NUS to buy this..

$95 router so can allow my bro to surf from bandwidth of 3500 :) Now looking for a 2nd CD key so i can play Warcraft with my brother ^_^ But there's no more stock any where ler... :(

My 2001 PC by dell: 4550 Series...

Installing the router was a big headache :( Bcos apparantly my computer do not have the ethernet aka LAN port activated, i dunno y... My uncle helped me to call his frens, seems tat it was installed in the 1st place, tats y i keep getting an error connecting it... When i was about to give up and use my bro's PC (cos his newer and the port is activated) his fren suggested to use my old modem, log online and find the file to download and install it... & presto! It worked! Thanks :) @ least the sweat is worth it? LOL

But occasionaly the modem still gives problem, can use MSN but cannot surf net? Hope it doesn't persist... haha

On side note...

Hope u dun get frightened by me.. LOL

My new specs, $35, bought @ Chew's Optics @ Teckwhye. Been a long time customer of there. Friendly, cheap, good. I want to comment of their good attitude too, when i was making this specs, i wore my contact, i took off, took the test, and when i need to put it back, i accidentaly dropped the lens on to the floor :( When i wanted to retrieve it, they told me not too as the floor is dirty, and they gave me a new 1 free of charge! OMG! Its $7.50 for 1 side of the lens and they just gave me 1... I thought they will b charging me for it as I bought a pair, but they gave me the L side only as I'm wearing the R side. But they called me back to inform me I haven't take the extra L side! Really really nice people. I will sure go back if I need to. :) If you need the address I will post it here ^_^

Thus -

The following pic might be quite disturbing...

Heat rashes! I have it for quite some time ler... Been on & off. On Thus morning, I had an appointment @ CGH @ 1025am. Doctor told me i'm improving, but he said it will b better if I...

1. Lose Weight
2. Don't sweat...

How to do both at the same time la? Contradict lei... He say swim, but i'm told him its not possible, but the next best thing is to apply the medications... Hai~ Kong commented tat how come we in navy but will kana tis kind of illness, cos rashes its more to like u go army & chiong in the forest, Yap also kanna foot rot, from the expedtion i hav during POC... hai~ i dunno.. Yap say i kana sex dieases... crazy... I'm straight de lor... diao

But good thing is improving... & now i can concentrate on losing weight... and hopefully the rashes will go too, i dun 1 to stay too long on the medication, cos the doc say it might affect the liver, although its only a small chance, but i dun 1 any part of it...

Proceed to arcade @ bugis, went to pray, met up with Jerine @ her office my policy, collected it... went to Tiong Bahru for the 'oil pills'.. $108... not cheap, I MUST LOSE WEIGHT!!! :( Suppose to meet up with Anna @ Lot 1, but end up she was held out @ Toa Payoh, so called off ler, meeting up next week.... Went to lot 1 and look at Samsung phones for my mum, end up dun hav the stock she wanted... will bring her on Sunday to go c the phone & upgrade it...

End up I went movies with Vincent & Zhiyou

Pretty good movie, from vincent's point of view. He say to watch is a civillian point of view, cos we noe tats its unreal, like how they can hold their breath for so long & how they can navigate the whole ship like they were there for a long time... But pretty good block buster... i will not mention more, do catch it ^_*

After tat we went to meet up with Michael @ Yishun Safra Bowling... Just a hi & bye... There were so many pple there... @ 1130pm... Didn't expect tat... Anyway we had 3 games only, end up ZhiYou treating supper and me treating the last game... bowled lousily, & Vincent once again didn't had to fork out extra money... he damn heng la :(

Went to Chong Pang for supper, ate porridge there while watching a Zhang Xue You's old old old moive, on a 42" plasma TV... Business must b good, or else how they manage to buy 1 and place it for us to see? :P haha

Its only 2 days but it seems like i spend 1 week and shopped like mad? lol, too exhasuted to go out today ler, but mayb going to bt panjang plaza to look @ the phones... but it looks like its going to rain le... see how ba...

take care


ps: NDP tomolo morning, booking in tonight.. sucks...

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

*{` Problem with my blog? `}*

Can't load it normally lei, can c this?

anyway i no nid to work till friday :) ^_^ haha :P song ah!!


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Sunday, May 07, 2006

*{` Elections... & the winner is... `}*

The elections come and goes like it nv came, fast sia, anyway my district won by PAP again as usual, lol, but wat is to blog abt is bcos i'm able to vote also! Guess who i vote? dun tell u lei :P

voting is complusory,

voting is secret!


Anyway the voting process is fast, organised, haha :) not much hassle. Met up with my old ship crew at tuas naval base when i go to collect my stuff from taiwan!

Noodles! I will do a blog entry on its own, very very nice :)

'Ping Mei' aka Icy sour plums. But it should b icy only, dunno y its sour lei :P haha.

Went out with iris to farmart, need to stock up stuff for her hammeis who gave birth to more hammies, almost 2 soccer teams liao -_-" lol. Whiel there, got this super nice rabbit! Dwarf rabbit, forgot to take photo of it!!! SHIT!!! :( haha, will take it next time, hope its not sold...

Booking in tonite, gonna b a mostly outstation week next week, will update more :)

take care


ps: PAP rules, 82 out of 84 seats won !

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Friday, May 05, 2006

*{` Not organised week... `}*

the week flew by, not without some controversy?

wed- nothing exactly, haha... just lay around doing nothing, played RISK till very late... tired like mad... haha :P

thus- book out day!??!?!?!? shocked, but now (fri morning) i'm at home. XO gave us the nite off and fri to take leave as we were not involved in the RSN celebrations -_-" tell us earlier ma, end up i go off only abt 8pm :( but ok la better than nothing. but earlier of the day wasn't so good. Yap's mother was admitted to the hospital, and yap's gf didn't inform him till afternoon cos she didn't want to bother him -_- omg, but thank god its nothing worrying, recieve a sms from him saying all is well :) thank god

fri- here i am blogging and waiting for the warcraft III online tourney to start :) want to go out but like nobody free? -_-"

k la take care


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